A bright blue natural indigo dyed tee shirt hanging on a wooden hanger against a variegated grey backdrop
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Natural Indigo Dyed Tee Shirt Unisex

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In a rare offering, we are selling these natural indigo dyed shirts knit with US grown E3 cotton fabric. This shirt is hand dyed in Tennessee with our Stony Creek Colors American Grown Natural indigo!  This is a unisex shirt with a slim fit and an amazingly soft hand feel. The shade is a light to medium indigo color dyed with real, plant-based indigo. These shirts are typically dyed to order so expect up to 3 weeks for your order to ship. This will wear in over time, indigo becomes brighter as the color slowly chips away. As with all authentic indigo, the dye may rub off a little so take care wearing next to white garments.

The cotton was grown in Missouri and knit and sewn in California. All e3 sustainable cotton farmers sign up and commit to grow cotton more efficiently and decreasing the impact to the environment. Their cotton is certified and verified through independent audits, allowing us to track specific environmental and social measures to an individual farmer. 

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