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Madder Root Powder (red, purple and orange dye)

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1/2 lb of madder root powder.

We currently work with a farmer group in India to source this madder. Within a few years we hope to have a built up seed supply and production method to source sufficient quantity in the US, but for now we know you are going to love this madder root powder!


  • Madder Dyeing
    • Madder Root powder is provided - must be extracted first without fabric for maximum color options. 
    • Prior to dyeing, weigh fabric and calculate %WOF desired shade of Madder 
    • Mix well with hot water for several minutes. 
    • Liquid is ready to be used as a dye bath. Dyeing can occur at room temp or elevated depending on desired result. Agitate in dye bath frequently. 

We recommend following red recipes in Jim Liles book "The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing"

Some suggestions:

Our favorite madder pre-mordants are alum or tannins. For deeper reds, use alum mordant and calcium carbonate (chalk). After dyeing, you can use iron as post-mordant for "saddening" the color to a muted purple red. To take more orange, don't heat as much and add a mild acid like cream of tartar (yes the one in your spice cabinet!)

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