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Here is a running list of brands carrying indigo fabric or denim dyed with Stony Creek Colors natural indigo!

You dont purchase here, click on the product links to be taken to the brand's websites and order there or go to their storefronts. Let us know what you think and what other brands you want to carry our dyes in their garments! 

3x1 Womens Jean - sold out
Fabulous West Coast Denim Brand - made in San Francisco, CA, USA
Leftfield NYC has new fit  called the Charles Atlas, a famous body builder from the 50's that turned American wimps into real men.  The Charles Atlas Jean has a similar top block to the greaser with plenty of room for those with muscular thighs but want a tapered leg opening.  We have been getting a lot of request for this jean fit and now it's here. Get em while they last! 
Named after the infamous NYC hotel, the Chelsea Jean has a slim-but-not-skinny rocker fit, with a narrow thigh and knee, and tapered leg opening.



J Crew Men’s selvage jean with American Indigo in the Wallace and Barnes Collection! --- Make sure you chose the one called American Indigo and fabric made by Cone Denim Mill

Grease Point Workwear

Seattle, WA 

Work Trouser 

Nudie (EU shipments only, Made in Italy)

Dude Dan

These organic cotton Nudie Jeans Co have really pushed the boat out here. These ultra-limited Dude Dan jeans are made from none other than 15.25 oz selvage jeans from the world famous Cone Mills White Oak denim wonder-factory in America, and have a really rich blue hue that’s hard to describe with mere words. These things look great now, but after a bit of wear should look even better. A majestic pair of jeans indeed.

Shape-wise, these have a fairly classic, straight slim shape.


Alabama Chanin

Cotton Natural Indigo "Suzanne" Poncho

Cotton Natural Indigo Dark Blue Poncho

Alabama Chanin's hand stitched design aesthetic has an incredible legacy that has followers far beyond Natalie Chanin's hometown of Florence, Alabama. We are proud to have provided natural dye service to their team for several years! 



Or, order products and or fabric directly from Cone Denim’s White Oak Shop

The fabric inventory changes due to available stock --- currently has 2 Natural Indigo Selvage fabrics on the site! 

Cone Denim's White Oak Shop also sell a cardholder that is made with the Natural Indigo selvage!