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Madder Paste Extract

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50 g of madder root powder.

We turn the madder root powder into a paste extract so you can skip the madder extract and head straight to the dyeing step! This paste is concentrated and easy to use. We currently work with a farmer group in India to source this madder. Within a few years we hope to have a built up seed supply and production method to source sufficient quantity in the US, but for now we know you are going to love this madder root powder!

  • Madder Dyeing
    • Prior to dyeing, weigh fabric and calculate %WOF desired shade of Madder 
    • Mix madder paste well with hot water for several minutes. 
    • Liquid is ready to be used as a dye bath. Dyeing can occur at room temp or elevated depending on desired result. Bring up to 180F over 1 hour for best reds, and follow red recipes in Jim Liles book "The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing" for truest reds. Agitate in dye bath frequently. 

Some suggestions:

Our favorite madder pre-mordants are alum or tannins. For deeper reds, use alum mordant and calcium carbonate (chalk). After dyeing, you can use iron as post-mordant for "saddening" the color to a muted purple red. To take more orange, don't heat as much and add a mild acid like cream of tartar (yes the one in your spice cabinet!)

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