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Natural Indigo Dye Kit

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We have assembled and tested 3 types of no-frills indigo kits for beginner dyers who are interested in dyeing but aren't exactly sure where to start. Each kit has an accompanying recipe our chemists have vetted. We also had a beginner dyer come into the lab and test the recipes.

Please refer to our recipes to make sure you are aware of all the supplies you will need which may or may not be included in the kits. 

The 3 types of kits:

  • Iron Vat: the iron vat is the ideal recipe to get beautiful saturated blues on cotton, linen, and other cellulosic fibers.  It is not recommended for protein-based fibers, as the iron may cause discoloration or brittleness on these materials.  Once set up, the vat does not require heating and may last for weeks or months when stirred regularly, covered and occasionally replenished. If you are gifting a vat to a first time dyer we also really recommend Graham Keegan's beautiful natural indigo shibori kit - he provides more materials to dye as well as awesome folding instructions.
  • Fructose Vat: this vat recipe is based on the traditional indigo vats of Morocco, India, and Provence and was developed and revived by Michel Garcia. It relies on the chemical reactions between a mineral alkali and a natural reducing agent to remove excess oxygen (a chemical process called reduction). Reduction takes the oxygen from the indigo dye molecule liberating and allowing it to be soluble in water and to attach and bond to fibers. Natural reducing agents absorb oxygen and are known as antioxidants. They include dried and fresh sugar-rich fruits, minerals, flavonoids, medicinal plants, and even other dye-plants and substances (henna, dates, iron/ferrous sulfate/copperas, yeast). 
  • Hydro Vat aka Rit Color Remover Vat: This is the fastest vat and works well for all types of fabrics. We are using Rit Color Remover as the chemical reducing agent because it is widely available for a gallon vat. You can use hydro or thiourea dioxide if those are more accessible to you.

Iron vat includes

  • 100g Powdered Stony Creek Colors 25% natural indigo
  • 200g Ferrous (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate a.k.a iron powder
  • 300g Calcium Hydroxide 
  • 100g Citric Acid

Fructose Vat Includes

  • 100g Powdered Stony Creek Colors 25% natural indigo
  • 200g Calcium hydroxide
  • 300g Fructose Crystals 

Hydro Vat Includes

  • 100g  Powdered Stony Creek Colors 25% natural indigo
  • 100g Rit Color Remover (contains Sodium dithionite aka hydrosulfite)
  • 100g Sodium Carbonate
  • A box of pH strips


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