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Dried Indigo (Indigofera) leaves

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Dried and ground Leaves of Tropical indigo (Indigofera), 500g.

This dye needs to be extracted or vatted prior to use and is not your typical "indigo dye".  This is the typical product for Black Henna. The primary current use (besides traditionally as a hair dye) is to extract with the same method as a fresh leaf extraction from indigo leaves, except with a shorter soak time and a cheese cloth for strainer.  Unfortunately at this time we are not able to provide technical assistance to troubleshoot plant extractions of indigo. 

We suggest Slow Fiber Studios / "Natural Dye workshop IV" for instructions per Michel Garcia method for extracting and dyeing with dried indigofera leaves!

We have also heard of a growing number of dyers using this product successfully for their indigo fermentation vats as the source of sugar/bacteria for reduction - for this you would still need indigo blue (extracted) paste or powder. 

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