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Black Walnut Natural Brown Dye

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Our black walnut extract is a terrific paste extract for dyeing light, medium, and dark browns. Black walnut contains juglone and tannins for complex and beautiful browns and tans. 

We are excited to offer our new improved walnut paste dye formula, with higher dye content and as a result, our past formulas are steeply discounted! If you ordered black walnut dye before mid April 2018, you received the liquid dye extract.  Our 2016 dye paste is a good brown dye on wool but will yield weaker colors on silk and cotton.  Our “improved formula” walnut dye paste will dye cotton, wool, and silk shades from khaki to dark brown.

This is quite honestly the best black walnut extract on the market. Unlike other walnut extracts and walnut crystals, our extract has been specially formulated for natural dyers. It actually turns fabric darker when post-mordanted with Iron (Fe) mordant, which for some reason other "natural walnut browns" do not do. These are sourced from 100% waste walnut hulls.

Suggested recipes:

For dark browns use 50-100% WOF dye paste and post-mordant with iron sulfate.

Tans and Khakis can be obtained with 5-20% WOF paste.

Disperse dye paste into dye bath and add fiber. Hold at a simmer or low boil to dye cotton, and just below the boil (190F) for wool or 180 F for silk. Long dye times are recommended to maximize color uptake, 1-2 hours is ideal. 

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